Cross Channel Programmatic Advertising

Reach right customers in dynamic ways. Advertise on web, social media, direct media buy and smart TV. Consumers now spend time on multiple places like mobile, social media and smart devices. We use technology to identify your perfect customers and direct your adverts to them on multiple places.

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Wide Reach

Reach customers across millions of websites on desktop, mobile and social media. Attract customers, drive online sales and app installations.

Accurate Targeting

Target your adverts to high potential customers across all channels. Your adverts appear to only people that fit into your target market, therefore you narrow your spend to only right customers.

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Machine learning

Reach people based on identified and proven insights. We use intelligent data analytics to match your adverts to the right customers and deliver adverts that fit into their device and screen

E-Tyres Increase Online Sales and Brands Awareness

E-tyresng an online store that advises car owners on the right tyre product to suit their vehicles, also has an online tyres shop.The company turned Dochase to drive online sales and brand awareness.

The Campaign Goal

The company wanted to reach car owners in Lagos. First to educate and then drive online sales for tyres on its e-commerce tyre shop

The Approach

They used the Dochase analytic insight to target only car owners in Lagos.They reached people across all channels. They further used the retargeting to drive return visits and online purchaseses. This was to make people purchase their tyres.


  • Online visits to the site increased by 300%
  • Return visits increase by 200%
  • Online sales grew by 150%
  • Effective cost per customer decreased by 40%
  • Publisher/Supply

    Dochase monetizes your web traffic with adverts from global brands and advertisers
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    Global Advertisers/Demand

    Dochase fills your space with advertisers from local and international advertisers. We are largest advertisers in emerging markets

    Optimum CPM and Fill Rate

    Using our RTB, many advertiser compete for your traffic and the higher bidder wins. This ensures you are pay highest for your web content

    Brand Safe Ads

    Dochase uses ad verification technology to block unsafe ads, malware and deceptive adverts from herming your website. Your web is safe and earnings secured.

    Direct Publisher Verification

    We have high standards and thus deliver same to advertisers. We verify every traffic before we add them on the exchange thereby giving advertisers real human traffic accros all verticals.

    Ethical Campaigns

    Dochase uses ad verification technology to block unwanted adverts fom showing on publisher places. The web can be dangerous but we got you covered.


    Our top priority on this platform is an enablinig and secure environment for both publishers and advertisers to cut out any forms of malicious codes and bot traffic.

    About us

    Dochase Adx cross channel technology enables brands and advertising agencies to advertise to right customers on the internet.

    As an Ad exchange, Dochase gives local publishers the opportunity to interface with various advertisers worldwide and vice versa. Many brands trust Dochase for effective advertising campaigns in Africa, America and Europe

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    Here are guides on integrating into our system either as an advertiser or publisher.

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