Ad Quality

Last updated: January 2020


Dochase Adx has defined policies that govern the types of ads that are acceptable within Dochase Ad Exchange.

These policies are explained in the Dochase Ad Exchange Demand Policies.

Listed below are examples of actions that Dochase does not allow:

  • For in-banner video, playing audio that is not triggered by a click (such as auto-play or rollover-initiated audio).

  • Automatically refreshing ads.

  • Installing spyware, trojans, viruses, or other malware.

  • Automatically redirecting the user to a new page or app.

  • Displaying nudity or suggestive content or images.

  • Promoting electronic cigarettes or vaping devices.

  • Selling or promoting firearms, ammunition, bombs or other weapons, or related design materials, including handgun safety certificates and BB guns.

  • Promoting online gambling (including daily fantasy sports in jurisdictions where daily fantasy sports is considered to be illegal online gambling).

  • Opening a pop-up on a webpage, upon banner open, or upon page exit.

  • Promoting or facilitating the use of illegal drugs, such as marijuana.

Dochase safeguards

To ensure that partners adhere to Dochase Ad Exchange policies, Dochase takes the following additional steps:

  • Scans all ad creatives in Dochase Ad Exchange with its proprietary scanner.

  • Uses third-party vendors (The Media Trust) to scan ads for malware and redirects, and to autoblock violating creatives.

  • Staffs a dedicated ad quality team that ensures all ads are scanned and meet Dochase Ad Exchange ad quality standards. This team also provides 24/7.

  • Support for ad quality complaints.

  • Rigorously vets new buyers during their onboarding process into Dochase Ad Exchange.

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