Manage multiple advertising campaigns for banner, native, push, rich media and more. With access to leading supplies, buy inventory on websites, apps and mobile web, and in-stream video through one interface.

Self-served platform

Enjoy the independence. Create your advertiser accounts, create campaigns and run them.
It has great interface and reporting making it simple to use.

Audience Targeting

Dochase audience targeting uses the perfect mix of demographic, geographic, behavioral, interest and intent-based data to build your unique target audience.
We match your services using the right content and the right data to reach potential and existing consumers at the right time.

More Features of Our DSP

Multiple Formats

We provide a wide variety of web and mobile ad formats to monetize all your inventory.

Tailored Targeting

With over 6 billion daily requests, we leverage AI to run your campaigns, reaching a global audience with targeting parameters tailored for your customers.

Cost Effectiveness

Campaigns can be set in real time with your price, strategy and daily budgets.

Conversion Tracking

Integrate our conversion tracking tools to your site and monitor your results on conversion.

Real-time Dashboard

Rely on our simple dashboard to meet your publicity goals.

Automatic Optimization

Automatic ad campaign optimization system by sites.