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Deploy marketing and transactional messaging directly to customers on SMS, whatsapp and more. Segment users by income level, age, gender, location, device and much more. Seamlessly deliver targeted messages, promotions, and updates directly to your offline audience’s mobile devices.



Discover how our chatbot can help you drive sales, leads, and site traffic by engaging customers in real-time conversations. Respond to customers' requests and automate conversation to improve your services to larger customers.

Native Ads

Tell stories that connect by leveraging adverts that look like stories to promote and drive signups. Native ads offer a unique opportunity to connect authentically, ensuring your brand message is heard amidst the noise of the digital landscape.


Click to Whatsapp

Get leads, engages users and build audience with user journeys from banners to whatsapp chat. When users click adverts they initiate whatsapp conversation. This is used for generating direct engagements, leads and building a community of users.

Click to USSD

Offer users a direct pathway to access your services through a simple and intuitive USSD interface. When a user clicks the ads, they initiate a USSD session on your platform, thereby generating activities and user engagements.


Video Ads

Use compelling video ads to seize attention and resonate with your audience's emotions. With the power of sight, sound, and motion, deliver your message vividly, whether on social media, streaming platforms, or websites.

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