Products - Dochase Adx
Products - Dochase Adx

Our Solutions

We understand that every business is unique, and so, no matter what your goal is, whether It is increasing sales, generating leads or retaining customers, our solutions have been tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Programmatic Advertising


Manage your media buying, rich media and programmatics deals from Dochase DSP. With our DSP, you can reach your target audience on top local publishers, websites and +2million sites and apps. Deploy adverts  for banner, native, push, rich media and more. With access to leading supplies, buy inventory on websites, apps and mobile web, and in-stream video through one interface.


Customer Acquisition

Identify, engage and connect with quality leads who are actively seeking products and services you offer. Tap into a consistent stream of potential customers and convert them into valuable leads.

Reach potential leads

Our innovative approach amplifies communication, reshaping how brands convey messages and engage with their audiences.

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Customer Engagement

Captivate your customers at every touchpoint, drive brand affinity and establish a strong rapport with your audience through Rich Media, SMS, click-to-Whatsapp, email, Click-to-USSD, Video ads and more.



With our retargeting pixels integrated into your website, everyone who clicked on your ad without performing any action, started a process but did not complete the action would be retargeted with Ads to complete actions. (Signup or make a deposit).


Emerging market leader in Programmatic
Advertising, Ad exchange, DSP and SSP


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