Performance Digital Advertising

Drive perfomance on multiple channels: mobile, offline, app, connected TV etc. Dochase integrates technology, analytics, data and creativity to enable you diversify your customer reach effectively and efficiently. Accelerate growth with advertising on websites, apps, offline, mobile and rich media.

  • Increase market share
  • Create awareness with new and old customers
  • Drive App installations
  • Drive online sales
  • Expand to new markets
cross channel advertising
programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising for Agencies and Brands

Dochase DSP enables agencies and brands achieve efficiency in programmatic media buying, innovative ads delivery, and a run complete digital agency. Reach new markets, manage client expectations, deliver reports realtime and more.

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Leverage on our data to identify unique audience segments. Make deeper connection with customers and achieve better marketing results. Discover the right audience for your product across websites, social media and mobile.

Wide Reach

Reach local and global audience with our widest network of apps, direct websites, Google, OEM and direct to mobile. Your target customer is most likely using one of these medium and as such we can make your ad nicely placed to suit them.

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Superior Targeting

Optimize your advertising budget by targeting only the right customers at the right place and right time. We combine various user parameters and with our advanced learnign system enable you identify audience and deliver your advertising efficiently and effectively.

Programmatic Advertising

Leverage the power of A.I to reach, engage and convert customers simultaneously on a multitude of websites, apps and social media. By spending your advertising budget on just the right customers, you'll experience better results.

Offline Mobile

A growing trend for today's audience is that they're mobile first and it encompasses offline in addition to online. Dochase delivers ads to offline mobile users with our products via USSD, Voice and SMS incorporated with our targeting technology.

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Native/Content marketing

Tell your brand's stories with Dochase content channels. Deliver the content as native ads to target audience on the internet. A key advantage of native ads is that they deliver good results for organic engagement which tranlates to having more genuinely interested audience interacting with your ads


Maximise earnings on your websites, mobile and app with Adverts from local and global advertisers. Publishers on Dochase are making good revenues
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Global Advertising demands

Dochase fills your ad space with ads from local and international advertisers. Our platform aggregates the top advertisers covering emerging markets and beyond

Optimum CPM and Fill Rate

Using our RTB channels, various advertisers get to compete for your traffic and the highest bidder wins. This ensures you get the highest returns for your inventory

Brand Safe Ads

Dochase uses ad verification technology to block unsafe ads, malware and deceptive adverts from harming your website. Your website or app remain safe, and earnings secure.

Sentiment Analysis

Find positive, negative and neutral mentions about your business

Understanding people’s emotions is essential for your business since customers are able to express their thoughts and feelings more openly than ever before. By automatically analyzing customer feedback, from survey responses to social media conversations, brands are able to listen attentively to their customers, and tailor products and services to meet their needs. What to expect includes:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Brand monitoring
  • Voice of customer (VoC)
  • Customer service
  • Market research

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Protect your brand, analyze your audience opinions, and connect your business

With our advanced sentiment analysis technology, you can:

  • Understand what the market and people are saying about your products or services.
  • Gain insight into the share of voice and other categories in the market
  • Understand whether customer reactions to your products is positive, negative or neutral
  • Gain insights into how your social media advertising is performing
  • Benchmark products and services brand position against competing brands and see areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • Use sentiment analysis to plan what media, strategies and channels to use in delivering marketing actions for your business

About us

Dochase Adx cross-channel technology enables brands and advertising agencies to advertise to their right customers on the internet.

As an Ad exchange, Dochase gives local publishers the opportunity to interface with various advertisers worldwide and vice versa. Many brands trust Dochase for effective advertising campaigns in Africa, America and Europe



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Price Water Coopers

Price Water Coopers

Standard Bank

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Range Rover

Jaguar-Land Rover







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User Guides

Here are guides on integrating into our system either as an advertiser or publisher.

Publisher Guide

New to Dochase? Here's a guide on how to monetize your traffic seamlessly.

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Unique Customer Reach


Websites, Apps and Mobile


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In the News

Here are some things media said about us...

tech company

Tech Firm launches tech to target ads- Vanguard Nigeria

Oct 24, 2017 in Vanguard News

Big brands and small businesses now have the advantage of reaching their target customers directly via an advertising application–Dochase.This technology uses big data (data sets that reveal people behavioural pattern) to determine their products preference. Read More

Disrupting Advertising in Africa

Dec 29, 2017 in Thisday Online

It was their low-budget, high-performance pitch that drew me to them,” Nworah said. “And I just thought, why not try them for a month.” Etyres went ahead to partner with Dochase and, one month later, the results were astounding. Read More


Programmatic Spending Comes to Africa

Nov 30, 2016 in Adexchanger

Dochase Media, a Nigerian ad network turned self-service programmatic platform, serves ads across Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, where smartphone and internet adoption are highest. To make it easier for global advertisers to buy inventory in Africa, Dochase is hooking up as either an SSP or exchange to platforms outside the continent Read More

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